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Winged Icaris & Non-Wing Icaris Aluminum Statues

In Greek mythology, Daedalus formed a pair of wings out of feather and wax for he and his son, Icaris, to escape an island via flight. Daedalus was a brilliant and extraordinary craftsman in ancient Athens, and a winged escape was his only conceivable chance to flee his isolation and banishment on an island where he and Icaris were being held as prisoners by King Minos - the ruler for whom he had constructed the Labyrinth to detain the mythical Minotaur. His imprisonment resulted from the fact that he bestowed upon Minos' daughter Ariadne a spool of thread in order to aid Theseus, Minos’ foe, through the Labyrinth and to help overpower the Minotaur. Prior to departing the island of Crete, Daedalus cautioned Icaris to neither ascend directly towards the sun nor to dive too close to the sea. Overexcited by his adventure of soaring through the sky, Icaris flew curiously and carelessly through his surroundings, but soon forgot his father's words as he continued to fly and soon approached tooclose to the burning sun thereby melting the wax that was holding his wings together. Icarus repeatedly fluttered his broken wings even faster to maintain flight, but soon realized that all of the feathers attached to his wings were gone and simultaneously realized that all that the only thing flapping was his exposed featherless bare arms. Quickly Icaris plunged down into the sea, which is named the Icarian Sea of Samos to this day.

Our artist has added superb sculptural, and stylistic, touches to every aspect of this impressively cool aluminum Icaris statue bust, from the elegant feathered wings to the remarkably brawny structure of Icaris's upper torso. There are two different customized Icaris statues to choose from: one with wings, or one without wings. With
no wings Icarus appears more in anguish after losing his wings to the heat of the sun, which is only amplified by the demonstration of a bare chest, suggestive of nudity, but without actually being nude at all. With wings outstretched, as if preparing to fly, the Icaris sculpture looks high in the sky as if fearless of time. Cast in non-corrosive aluminum, the mythical Icaris statue bust makes a stunning presentation of a modernart using an ancient subject, whether it has wings or not is purely a personal choice. Constructed with superb aluminum, these striking sculptures make bold artistic statements where ever they are chosen as decorative elements, indoors or outdoors. Two contrasting sculptures of Icaris yield excellent sculptures to showcase your passion for art that yells with wild imagination and the custom artistic workmanship only a true sculptor can produce. Discover our distinctive statue gifts and sculptural items for beautifying your home, business, home office, conference rooms, or other areas that need enhancement via the placement of a fine art piece. Almost any statue we offer for sale is available fully customized. Request other finishes and personalized ideas to reflect your decorating style, color scheme, and interior decor.

Our company specializes in creating any type of art in any material or size. We have a wide variety of Icarus statues with wings and wingless. If you are interested in purchasing or customizing an Icarus statue you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information. When creating a custom Icarus statue, with or without wings, you are able to control the material, color, size, and design.

Icarus is famous for his blind ambition. Icarus was the son of a master craftsman named Daedalus. Daedalus had created wings out of wax and feathers. Daedalus had warned Icarus to not fly close to the sun or it would certainly be his demise. Icarus ignored his father’s wise advice and he plummeted to his death because he flew close to the son.

The process of creating a winged or wingless Icarus depends on the material you use. If you would like a medium, such as aluminum, we first create a mold. We only create a mold for custom designs. The products we offer already have molds already, this is the significance in the price. After creating the mold, we then ask the customer what type of medium he would like, such as copper or aluminum. If you would like to save money and have a plated Icarus statue this is also possible. A plated wing Icarus, or wingless Icarus, is when we fill the mold with a cheaper metal, such as nickel, and plate it with any other material, such as gold.

If you would like to order a marble or wood wing Icarus this would be hand carved. We mostly offer mahogany or redwood for wood. Looking through our extensive list of art work, you'll notice our crafters take incredible time and delicacy to create a fine work of art. Our wood carvers are from Indonesia. These fantastic craftsmen have done many wonderful works of art that can be found throughout the website. We also offer faux marble. In this process you would first choose hydro stone, plaster, cement, or any other medium. Afterwards, our expert artists will come in and artistically draw marble. The colors we offer are white marble, black marble, green marble, etc. Lastly, our artists will gloss finish it to imitate that crystalline appearance of marble.

We offer many materials for the winged or wingless Icarus. The materials that we offer are aluminum, copper, bronze, marble, wood, gold, silver, hydro stone, cement, or plaster. We have many designs for the aluminum Icarus statue. As you know, Icarus was interchangeable to be winged and wingless. An idea for you is Icarus dying. This statue would look great for story telling at a home or business. Keep in mind you are able to create anything you like if you do not find these Icarus statues suitable.
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