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White Marble Bodybuilder Award Trophy Sculptures

For centuries men have tried their absolute best to become the strongest man alive and with the most impressive physique. Statue sculptures offers many original limited edition and reproductions of bodybuilders, strong men and weightlifting statues in different articulate posses. In the first set of pictures it is a body builder leaning to the right showing his triceps. Next, we have a body builder raising his arms showing he is victorious. Lastly, we have a body builder with a set of free weights placed next to him. These bodybuilder statues are cast reproductions that are very affordable and painted with our faux marble finish that will look great in any home, office or gym! There are many more options of body builder statues located throughout the site.

These beautifully sculpted classical bodybuilder statues can either be used as a unique statue to display or as trophies for body building contests. If the body building statue reproductions we offer are not exactly what you are exactly what your looking for, we can create a custom body builder statue or trophy made to your exact specifications creating an absolutely beautiful male bodybuilding piece. The detailing we put into each statue is superb, and any bodybuilder will appreciate the attention to anatomy,musculature and vascular in each sculpted piece. If you worked hard to shape and sculpt your body let our talented sculptors make a custom statue of you capturing your body, face and expressions which will be a three dimensional masterpiece you will treasure forever! All we need is profile pictures and your participation to create the piece.

Each body builder statuette can be created in many materials including real solid carved marble or cast in bronze for value and prestige. We offer hydrostone cast statues completed witha faux marble finish that looks like real marble or any natural stone or metal material including a faux bronze. We can have our talented artist faux finishers paint your bodybuilder statue in any color and texture you desire. There are three types of textures used to finish your statue semi-gloss, high gloss and flat. The more high gloss that the art piece has the more reflective sheen it will give. We recommend the semi-gloss texture with our classic faux marble an art piece as it replicates the look and feel of real marble.

When you need a bodybuilder award, trophy or plaque to celebrate and recognize a special personal achievement, Statue Sculptures is the place to go for custom-designed bodybuilder and sports trophy awards. For a very impressive bodybuilder statue trophy award our faux marble and faux bronze are perfect to give to a person for recognition of their great accomplishment. If you have a sketch, picture or drawing of a body builder that you would like to create we are able to do so. We can also create other custom statues and trophies for any sport such as strong man or power lifting. Creating a custom body builder statue or trophy means you can control the material, style and color. Our experienced team of designers, sculptures and faux finishers will make your custom statue or award just as you envision. We will provide pictures of the finished custom piece for you approval.

We carry a wide selection of athletic trophies available and custom made including strong man trophies, weightlifting statue trophies, power lifting trophies, fitness trophies, arm wrestling trophies, mixed martial arts trophies, fitness trophies, football trophies, basketball trophies,baseball trophies, soccer trophies, dance trophies, tennis trophies, swim trophies, chess trophies and many more. These can be found in our trophies section. Again, any of our products can be made into a trophy, or if you have a design of a custom trophy this is also possible. Each of our custom trophies can have custom engraving and plaques with the recipients name dates, accomplishments and quotes.

If you have annual events and need perpetual body building trophies and awards made for each years recipients, we store all the molds and parts to make the current project. We attach a engraved plaque with the current awards recipients names, dates and information engraved for the next presentation. Hosting annual events can never be easier with Statue Sculptures.

Please Contact our office or fill out an order form for more information to see how we can meet all of your custom bodybuilding statue or trophy or award created to fit your design and ideas and made in time for your event or special occasion.
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