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Wall of Water Fountain - Custom Installation Art

Our company specializes in creating anything custom. In this particular section we are going to discuss purchasing a water fountain. While looking through our extensive list of water fountains we are also able to create fully customizable water fountains. Custom water fountains that we have done in the past are fountains wrapped around a dining room in a restaurant. We have products that are extravagant as that and we also offer small water fountains that can be placed in any home with very small multi-tier waterfall effect. These are great for water noises and elements. Feng Shui artists would love thisproduct to get that flow of Chi rolling. If you are interested in inquiring about acustom made waterfall in a business or home you can call the office or fill out a form below for more information. After purchasing a water fountain we can have our guys install it if you like.

When creating a custom water fountain it can be very tricky. For example, we have created a bar with a waterfall design falling gently. Can you imagine walking into a bar with their wallsrunning with water? This can be a spectacular sight. If that is a little much for your taste we also offer outside freestanding fountains.These are great for not completely remodeling your business or home. This is great to place outdoor and indoor. We offer many sizes and designs for this specific water fountain.

When purchasing a free standing water fountain it can be in different materials and sizes. Some materials we can use are glass, marble, stone, copper, silver, and anything you like.

Other cool additions we can add to a water fountain are LED lights. Decorating water fountains with LED lights gives you a hip modern feeling. LED lights mixed with an engraving of your trademark on a waterfall can only signify brilliance.
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*Discount is redeemable by telephone and applies only to our faux finished statuary reproductions. Buy a statue and statue base combination and receive an additional 5% Off Discount by calling our Toll Free Number: 1-888-244-4059.

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