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Tropical Reef Bronze Fish with Bright Patina Colors

We have in our bronze collection several coral reef fish sculptures with tropical elements that exude the tranquil and appeal of the deep ocean. Proficiently handcrafted and cast in bronze by our sculptor, each fish comes stylishly decorated with a range of hot patina colors and luminously refined water reflection textures, fish sculptures with an unconventional hot color technique not available elsewhere.

Our hand painted sculptures of coral reef fish are made of bronze, hand finished and then polished with various specialized tools. Each fish is sold with a base, or without, depending on you preference. All of our soothing fish sculptures are painted and given special highlights to better illustrate the scales and fin tips. Since our sculpor handles all of the sculpting, bronze casting, and hot patina finishing we can have any custom color or style of fish sculpted for you upon request.

Distinctive in design, each hand painted bronze fish art sculptures of a coral reef inspired species of fish come in almost any of the various colors including unpainted bronze, blue patina, green patina, orange patina with dark orange veins, with the lighter hues of each patina color reserved for the distorted wavy painted water reflection effects. All of our coral reef fish sculptures are uniquely designed in order to perpetuate originality with every sculpture that we make. Acquire each of the multicolored home decor fish decorations for yourself and set your eyes on something that you can't even find at high end gift shops in many of the beach resorts across the world. That is because our sculptor has developed his own art style that cannot be duplicated, but many have unsuccessfully tried to copy his art. Why go for imitation art when you can get our sculptor artist to make something special just for you! As you can see by our many sculptures, we manufacture and sell items directly to art buyers and retail customers alike at a considerable bargain by dealing directly with our clients. You can easily locate many of our other marine life sculptures by using the search features of this sculpture site. We produce only top level custom handmade bronze art pieces that often get handed down through multiple family generations because of their sentimental, as well as artistic value. If you would like to have a fish sculpture altered or changed for you let us know since all of our artworks are custom made and can be customized per your request by working hand-in-hand with our art department to make your ideas a reality.
Bronze Patina Butterflies and Bronze Patina Fish

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