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Sculpting a Statue in Clay Before Carving it in Marble

All of the statue details must be decided upon before any art sculpting begins. The use of a couple photographs only is usually enough for our sculpting team to have enough information to make a marble masterpiece. When we get commissioned to make a marble carving, in this case an angel statue holding two babies, our clients may want to make comments and suggestions after receiving photo updates via email to ensure that the sculpting goes along according to their preferences. Since carving a marble statue is so permanent it is best to refine the artwork concept in clay first, whether oil based (plasticine) or water based clay. In the process of both making a clay sculpture and carving a marble block right next to it, two sculptures have actually been made, one is used temporary to make the other more permanent version. This is a theme repeated many times when it comes to making a masterpiece, it is the way of a master sculptor. There is an additional charge for the clay sculpting service, but its worth it if there are particular details that you want to refine after the sculpting has begun.

"I say that the art of sculpture is eight times as great as any other art based on drawing, because a statue has eight views and they must all be equally well made." Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571), Italian Baroque goldsmith and sculptor, in a letter to Benedotto Varchi, January 28, 1547.

Sculpting a maquette is the equivalent of a rough draft for a book, or a pencil sketch for a painting. The more preparation that goes into an artwork, and for that matter this is true for anything in life,the more perfected it becomes. The results even become more impressive for the sculptor to make a small figurine sized sculpture first, then a two to three foot tall sculpture version, then move up to a life-size statue five feet to six feet tall. Every time a sculptor is sculpting the same statue again from scratch they learn more about the proportions, fine details, and things that can be improved on since the last time. Depending on the size and final material the maquette could be sculpting out of wax, clay, plaster, and even foam depending on the project requirements.
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