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Romantic Man w/ Roses - Wall Sculpture Installation

Wall relief sculptures made by our team of sculptors have fresh and modern design elements that will certainly accentuate any wall in your home, or business. Our distinctive use of the male body as art is both elegant and at the same time erotic. This nude male wall sculpture hangs on the wall provocatively displaying a slender and fit body frame while holding fresh cut roses in his right hand. Relief sculptures created by our artists and sculptors are very unique and of such a high quality that they seem to be coming out of the wall, as if the wall is a portal from another dimension.

In regards to the art interpretation: His right leg is bent and is raised up high releasing the inhibition of his groin while his left hand pushes down on an invisible platform to maintain his taunting body posture. The facial expression on this particular male sculpture art exudes contentment [and it is almost as if he is] slightly aroused by the look in his eyes. Notice that he is not erect, instead the nude male is resting as he reclines himself backwards on an invisible bed. The body structure of the wall relief looks muscular, conditioned, and very athletic showing near perfect muscularity as well as a handsome masculine frame with total confidence.

This type of classic nude male art has been depicted, in one form or another, since the earlie st of times on cave walls, in paintings, carved out of stone, and in every other possible art medium throughout history. Ancient nude male forms have been used to express the exploits of man, as told in the myths of the Olympic Gods and Demi-Gods, and to show a connection to the common man who begins his life bare. However, the nude male form has started to move things forward in our collective mind set, having been on the back burner for far too long, and fortunately has always maintained its place in the shared consciousness of all humankind regardless of race, sex or sexual orientation. Some art subjects, like these male nude wall reliefs, are nearly immortal in their appeal to future generations of art lovers and artists.

If you would like to have a wall relief sculpture like the ones depicted in the pictures above, or you have your own idea for a new artwork that you want to have made, we can have our sculptor create it for you in any medium you want, from real marble to bronze for the high-end customer to a faux finish painted plaster reproduction for the more economical custom art buyer. Either way, our team of art and sculpture specialists are available to consult with you on your next sculpture project.
Male Wall Sculptures with Toned Muscles and Definition

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