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Recreating Scaled Original Sculptural Masterpieces

Custom Josh Arnett Bust for an ATT Commercial
Alexander the Great Sculpture Bust Art Based on Louvre
Our sculptor began resculpting the masterpiece by applying flat sections of clay for the chest muscles and trapezius muscles and filled in the neck to get the proportions right - as only a true master sculptor can do.
King Alexander Statue Artist Historical Comparisons
What's interesting is to learn the steps, and sequence, our modern artist took to resculpt this Alexander the Great masterpiece. Of course, our sculptor worked in water-based clay instead of carving it out of marble.
Custom Life-Size Venus De Milo Statue Art Project
We view the creation of art as a collective process, as it has always been since the time of Leonardo De Vinci, with a better end product resulting by having more skilled people involved than just one artist.
Clay Maquette Sculpting Art Service for Marble Statues
Sculpting a maquette is the equivalent of a rough draft for a book, or a pencil sketch for a painting. The more preparation that goes into an artwork, this is true for anything in life, the more perfected it becomes.
Hercules and Diomedes Sculpture Enlargement
A client requested an enlargement of the famous classic wrestling sculpture of Hercules and Diomedes grappling. A large version of this statue wasn't available for sale so we had it sculpted from scratch by our art department.
Chinese Terra Cotta Style Sculpted Clay Hercules Statue
Our sculpted clay Hercules statue and Chinese terra cotta warriors were built to be fired in a kiln. The legs, torso, arms, and head of each individual male figure of the Hercules and Diomedes statue had to be hollow.
Young Hercules Version Compared to Old Hercules
Often changing just a few portions of an artwork is enough to put it in balance. Compare the different versions of the young Hercules versus the old Hercules as the sculpture is artistically aged.
Standing Bear Clay Sculpture for a Marble Carving
Recreating Scaled Original Sculptural Masterpieces

Home Cast Statuary Tables Faux Painting Real Marble Custom Metals Trophy Awards Scale Model

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