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Realistic Patina Colored Bronze Butterfly Wings

Do you love seeing butterflies in your outdoor garden? Beautifully colored butterflies put you in a good mood, especially on a beautiful morning. Our company has specialized in creating custom art work to touch the beholder. Whether it is butterflies made of bronze or lions made out of marble we have specialized in all aspects of art. If you are interested in purchasing a butterfly made of bronze for outdoor display you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information. If you want to create a custom butterfly with wings made of bronze for outdoor display you are able to customize the color, material, style, and size.

Being able to customize a butterfly can be great for teachers and companies that are trying to teach different types of butterflies.

There are a couple ways that we make our butterflies with wings made of bronze. The process depends on what type of butterfly product the customer likes. One way is by pouring bronze into a pre made mold. Within the mold we are able to poor different types of mediums, such as copper or silver. After the creation comes out of the molding our expert artists delicately paint the butterfly the way our customer wants it.

Another way is by cutting out the butterfly from a bronze sheet. This takes much patience and precision. But, after our artists are finished the bronze butterfly gives a great resemblance to a real butterfly.

We have many other types of materials that we are able to use for a butterfly product. Some other materials that we are able to use are marble, wood, fiberglass, copper, silver, gold, limestone, granite, and many others. Throughout our statue sculptures website we have many other different types of butterflies in different materials.

After creating your butterfly made of bronze there are many colors you can choose from. We can create any color on the spectrum. If you would like blending and gloss this is also possible. The paint on the butterflies will withstand precipitation. We use special techniques to capture every single detail of a real butterfly from your garden to the rainforest.

If you do not like the styles that we offer in this section you are able to customize your own butterfly bronze outdoor display. Keep in mind you are also to use different materials.

If you like this product you will also probably like our bronze butterfly with detailed veins, bronze butterfly with a flower, and the bronze butterfly on leaves.
Bronze Patina Butterflies and Bronze Patina Fish

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