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Painted Religious Statues: Mary, Jesus, David, Pope

Religion has impacted many people in different ways. Angelic marble religious statues gives a sense of serenity, hope, faith and love. We have a wide variety of well-designed marble religious statues. In the pictures you see here are the faux marble David bust, the faux marble Pope Benedict bust, and the faux marble Mary statue. Angelic artifacts have been growing in popularity in the past years. These are just a few of our extensive list of reproduction statuary and busts. The pedestals you see in the pictures can match your faux finished religious statues and busts. These faux marble religious statues, and pedestals, can either be faux or real marble. There are many other materials that can be used for marble religious statues. Faux marble is just one example of the different faux finishes we have to offer. Other faux finishs we can create are gold leafing and black marble. In these particular pictures, the statues and busts are finished in a classical faux finish, or grey white finish. Our expert marble carvers and faux finishers meticulously create these religious art works to make it detailed, intricate and unique. If you would like to purchase or inquire about these religious faux marble statues you can call the office for more information.

Our faux marble artists take great care of creating a statue. First, a statue is picked and made into a cast medium. A medium is a material such as hydro stone, metals and cement. Hydro stone is great to place in a home, and cement, a very durable substance, is great for outdoor positioning. After the cast is made from the mold of our reproduction statuary the faux finishers precisely imitate the marble color and texture. The faux finish textures that can be applied to faux marble religious statues, such as the faux marble Mary statue, are classical faux finish, flat, semi-gloss and full gloss. The gloss depends on the type of reflective sheen you desire.

Carving stone marble is a talent that our expert marble carvers have passed down for generations. This is what separates us from the other competitors. We have an enormous amount of styles and categories to carve out of a natural marble stone. Carving directly from stone can give great appeal to religious statues. Also, carving directly from a beautiful marble stone makes our customers be able to control the style, size and color. This is great for decorators that would like to match the home with artwork. During this process, we are able to provide a clay molding of your desired statue before we carve the natural marble. Molding a statue through clay, before the final process, is a great procedure because we can make completely custom statuary from pictures or drawings. Purchasing a marble religious statue will give you a one of a kind piece of art. Positioning a classic religious statue in a different way, than the original piece, will give you a one of a kind religious statue.

Please contact our office to discuss your project or order one of our marble statue reproductions with a custom faux finish made to your specifications.

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