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Greek Architecture is the most important and influential artwork in Western history. Reaching a peak between 400 and 300 BC, it was developed, some would say vulgarized, by the Romans and then absorbed into the Byzantine. The Egyptian palaces and temples were built for the satisfaction of priests and royalty; the public at large never penetrated these sanctuaries. Greek society however was totally inclusive stone and marble was used for structures covering uses that reflected a much wider and more open society in which literature, music, drama and sport thrived. At this time, young athletes and warriors were very popular and became immortalized into the statuary of the Greek and Roman architecture..

During the early 6th century BC, sculptors began to study the human body and work out its proportions. As models, they had the finest of young athletes. The Greeks wore no clothing when they practiced sports, and the sculptor could observe their beautiful, strong bodies in every pose. Greek religion, love of beauty, and a growing spirit of nationalism found fuller and fuller expression over those years, and they show greatly in our statuary.


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