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Marble Restoration: Fix a Broken Finger on a Statue

Fix statue where the paint is peeling off and the plaster eroding away underneath: This condition is typically caused when a plaster statue is placed outdoors on an improper base or too close to a sprinker system. Always mount a statue on a solid base. People have a tendency to use what they have laying around the house, all too often they will use floor tiles, or outdoor steps, to put under the sculpture. Unless the tile is wider than the statue it is not a good idea. The reason is if you have four tiles, for example, with the statue placed squarely on top leaving gaps between the tiles will be like open vents for moisture, dew, and water to invade the hollow interior of the statue when the bottom is open. The problem is that once the moisture accumulates on the inside it has nowhere to go... during the daytime the heat causes it to rise higher along the interior of the statue as a mist and the condense on the inner wall and drip down the side to repeat all over again. When a plaster statue is constantly saturatured from the inside out with water in this way it will eventually find any open pores or air pockets and slowly erode away the plaster as the water swells and breaks away the material underneath the paint. All of this can pretty much be prevented by using a solid base, whether its a custom ordered granite or marble tile or a concrete foundation with a couple of step-ups to add emphasis.

If it is too late and you already have water damage issues and the paint is chipping away don't worry we can help. What we will do in this situation is to pull off the loose paint and chip away the overly softened and porous plaster areas and add texture to the surface. Then we mix a batch of plaster or hydrostone to fill the bulk of the damaged areas. Once most of the rough plaster filling is sufficiently dry we find it best to use a pre-mixed joint compound for a couple of surface layers and to blend the edges of the patch work. After the statue's shape is restored (and dry enough to sand) it is time for the final sanding, preferably you want to mostly only be sanding the joint compound since sanding plaster is much more time consuming. There is an art to applying joint compound by pushsing it in with pressure to the surface of a plaster statue, then wipe the excess away with the smooth parts of your fingers and the palm of your hands in a couple of strokes which will result a surface texture smoother than sand paper. Then only the very lightest sanding is required before repainting the statue. If the texture on the statue can be matched then just the affected areas will be repainted, otherwise the entire statue may need to be repainted. We have over 30 different faux finishes available for you to choose from, plus we also do custom faux painting upon request if you supply us with a photo of the color you want us to duplicate. The techniques for our marble and metal faux finishes have been perfected over decades making the results surpass any other faux painters.

Broken Marble Statue, Marble Sculpture Restoration

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