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Wall Fountain Boy - Orange (or White)

An indoor marble fountain is ideal when space is a concern. A fountain can add a subtle charm to any home and the calming effects offer pure relaxation. The orange marble color of the indoor fountain has an amazing detailed carving of a boy, almost cherub looking, and also comes in classic white marble upon request. The waterspout of the fountain makes sounds that are soothing and relaxing, adding a note of serenity and sophistication to any area in, or around, your home, helping to create peaceful surroundings, exotic atmospheres, and a constant soothing ambiance.

Price: $3,000

Item: #02567
Size: 57"
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Black Marble and Granite
M1 - China Black
M2 - Off Black
M3 - Chinese Green
M4 - Forest Green
M5 - CS011
M6 - Galaxy Black
M7 - Dark Grey
M8 - Frog Green
M9 - Dark Green
M10 - G11
M11 - Blue Pearl
M12 - FMG5
Green and Blue Marble and Granite
M13 - ST1
M14 - Binzhou Grey
M15 - Silver White
M16 - FMG15
M17 - Diamond Green
M18 - Old Green
M19 - S02
M20 - FMM12
M21 - S03
M22 - CS021
M23 - Butterfly Green
M24 - G18
M25 - SLA1
M26 - FMG17
M27 - S01
M28 - Old Green
M29 - Local Brown
Red and Yellow Marble or Granite
M30 - H08
M31 - Black Indian Red
M32 - Indian Red
M33 - Maple Red
M34 - Taishan Red
M35 - Shidao Red
M36 - Beige Sandstone
M37 - Medium Wanxia Red
M38 - Henan Yellow
M39 - Yellow
M40 - Yellow
M41 - Henan Yellow
M42 - Indian Multi-Red
M43 - Local Yellow
M44 - Yellow
M45 - Shanxi Yellow


Granite and Marble Earth Tones
M46 - FMG19
M47 - Pearl Rose
M48 - Pearl Red
M49 - Rusty Yellow
M50 - Copper Brown
M51 - Counter White
M52 - H07
M53 - Sesame Red
M54 - SG636
M55 - Almond Mauve
M56 - Beige
M57 - Tiger Skin Granite
Grey and Yellow Granite and Marble
M58 - Tiger Yellow
M59 - Shupixiu
M60 - SG657
M61 - SG617
M62 - March Blossoms
M63 - Tan Sand
M64 - Dasanhua
M65 - Tan Grey
M66 - G603
M67 - Light Grey
M68 - Seasame White
M69 - ST2
M70 - DSC82
M71 - Sxiahong
Granite and Marble Cloudscapes
M72 - FMG20
M73 - M11
M74 - M14
M75 - Cloudscape
M76 - Tiger White
M77 - Fossil Yellow
M78 - DSC84
M79 - Yellow
M80 - DSC14
M81 - Grey Cloudscape
M82 - Grey Sand Stone
M83 - S05
M84 - S06
M85 - S04
M86 - Sichuan White
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