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Large Dragon with Steel Scales and Steel Wings

Dragons vary in appearance and behavior from culture to culture. From vicious monstersto benevolent beings, dragons have been both feared and revered. Today, dragons are usually depicted as a reptile like creature with a body similar to an enormous lizard, having four legs, breathing fire, and in the example of the European dragon, having bat-like wings protruding from its back. The word "dragon", in of its self, has a long history, believed to have originated in the Proto-Indo-European "derkesthai", meaning "to see clearly" or "the one with the deadly glance." Later, it evolved into the Greek"drakon" meaning "serpent" or "giant sea fish". Making its wayinto Latin as "draconem", meaning "huge serpent" or "dragon"it finally became the English word we know today via Old French, some time in the early 13th century. Interestingly, the meaning of the word dragon, from the very beginning, was used to describe both the actual and the mythical. And this is only the etymology of the English word "dragon", not to mention the Chinese languages!

The dragon is associated with so much history and lore that we couldn't possibly scratch the surface here! Dragons have found their way into modern fantasy novels such as The Hobbit and more recently, the Harry Potter series. Whatever your reasons for liking dragons, be it the legends of heroes and the bravery associated with the conquest of them, as a good luck charm, protector or mentor, the Chinese zodiac sign, or perhaps you simply appreciate the dragon for its fearsome appearance, in any case, why not enhance your surrounding with this timeless creature? A steel dragon sculpture will surely create a mystical feeling in your garden, great room,or restaurant. Historically, cartographers used the Latin phrase "hic suntdracones", meaning "the dragons are here", to denote dangerous or unexplored territories. Can you imagine a steel dragon sculpture on each side of your estate gate, keeping a watchful eye and inspiring the imagination of passerby's? Two feet tall, 20 feet tall? No problem! Our experienced artists can design and create a welded steel dragon sculpture to fit your specific needs, or you may provide a picture or sketch art for our artist to emulate.

Roman Warrior
The armor of ancient Rome gave their warriors a notable advantage over their barbarian enemies. Drawing on Greek and Etruscan design, the Romans later incorporated Celtic and Carthaginian inspired equipment as well. After donning their helmets, coats of mail, greaves (shin armor), shields (containing weighted darts), large broadswords, and a double throwable (a large dart with an iron point of nine ounces and a stock of five and one-half feet), they amassed a considerable amount of weight to carry. You can imagine the warriors of Rome were strong and equally intelligent, striking fear into any that opposed them.

A steel welded Roman Warrior sculpture may be just the accent or centerpiece you’ve been looking for! Our artist painstakingly create these works of art one weld at a time, the result is a unique, one of a kind masterpiece. The Roman Warrior sculpture will transport you to another time, a time when all was risked or nothing was gained, such was the life of a Roman warrior, poetic and equally brutal. If you want to make a statement or simply add the finishing touch to your Roman themed home, apartment, fair, event, or movie set, contact our staff today. Bring a little bit of Rome to your home!
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