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XL Julius Caesar Bust

At the time of Julius Caesar's death in 44 B.C., a great comet troubled the skies over Rome. Even those who had bitterly opposed him outside Pompey's Theater were awed by the implications when the heavens themselves "blazed forth the death of princes." Soon thereafter, for the first time in Roman history, a living man was deified; in the process, the man himself was lost to history. Since his death almost 2,050 years ago, the exact effect of Julius Caesar on Roman history is constantly debated. Our Julius Caesar Bust is a prime piece of Roman artistry, one that should be exalted as such in one of our high quality faux finishes, or a proper marble production made from scratch to truly capture Caesars' deified character.

The striking figure of this historical conqueror is surely one of the greatest busts, for there is so much power and emotion in the man's eyes. A traitor to the Romans, Julius was assassinated in 44 BC by his own people, which consisted of being stabbed 23 times. His lust for control and standing in the Senate consumed him, which ended up being his own demise. The sheer size of this bust will surely accent any part of your abode, magnifying the careful details of his face and his traditional muscle curiass. If you want something that will last you a lifetime, then our selection is the best bet!.

Price: $430
Item: #01049
Size: 34"x28"x20”
Weight: 45.0 lbs.
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