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Wall Fountain Lion Design - Green

Ancient wall fountains were once designed to fill the water jars servants', today they are enjoyed for the enchantment added by the sound of splashing water. This beautiful indoor or outdoor lion head wall fountain is carved in a stunning green marble with remarkable detailing. Lion headed wall fountains make a very serene setting against an indoor wall or outdoor in a garden, either way it can resist both indoor and outdoor aging because its made of solid marble!

Price: $3,000

Item: #02563
Size: 55"
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Black Marble and Granite
M1 - China Black
M2 - Off Black
M3 - Chinese Green
M4 - Forest Green
M5 - CS011
M6 - Galaxy Black
M7 - Dark Grey
M8 - Frog Green
M9 - Dark Green
M10 - G11
M11 - Blue Pearl
M12 - FMG5
Green and Blue Marble and Granite
M13 - ST1
M14 - Binzhou Grey
M15 - Silver White
M16 - FMG15
M17 - Diamond Green
M18 - Old Green
M19 - S02
M20 - FMM12
M21 - S03
M22 - CS021
M23 - Butterfly Green
M24 - G18
M25 - SLA1
M26 - FMG17
M27 - S01
M28 - Old Green
M29 - Local Brown
Red and Yellow Marble or Granite
M30 - H08
M31 - Black Indian Red
M32 - Indian Red
M33 - Maple Red
M34 - Taishan Red
M35 - Shidao Red
M36 - Beige Sandstone
M37 - Medium Wanxia Red
M38 - Henan Yellow
M39 - Yellow
M40 - Yellow
M41 - Henan Yellow
M42 - Indian Multi-Red
M43 - Local Yellow
M44 - Yellow
M45 - Shanxi Yellow


Granite and Marble Earth Tones
M46 - FMG19
M47 - Pearl Rose
M48 - Pearl Red
M49 - Rusty Yellow
M50 - Copper Brown
M51 - Counter White
M52 - H07
M53 - Sesame Red
M54 - SG636
M55 - Almond Mauve
M56 - Beige
M57 - Tiger Skin Granite
Grey and Yellow Granite and Marble
M58 - Tiger Yellow
M59 - Shupixiu
M60 - SG657
M61 - SG617
M62 - March Blossoms
M63 - Tan Sand
M64 - Dasanhua
M65 - Tan Grey
M66 - G603
M67 - Light Grey
M68 - Seasame White
M69 - ST2
M70 - DSC82
M71 - Sxiahong
Granite and Marble Cloudscapes
M72 - FMG20
M73 - M11
M74 - M14
M75 - Cloudscape
M76 - Tiger White
M77 - Fossil Yellow
M78 - DSC84
M79 - Yellow
M80 - DSC14
M81 - Grey Cloudscape
M82 - Grey Sand Stone
M83 - S05
M84 - S06
M85 - S04
M86 - Sichuan White
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