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Home Exterior Column Service - Custom Cut Height

Decorative Greek or Roman columns can be customized in virtually an endless variety of ways, shortening or lengthening columns is the most common custom request made by our clients. It is no problem for us to make the total column height whatever you may need for your project. Often we get requests for half columns (for attaching to a wall ideally on top of a mirror) and quarter columns (for installing in the corners of a room) for redecorating your room with Greek and Roman architectural accents and decor pieces. For cast reproductions, the finished color is also up to the client using either any one, or two, of our 30 classic faux finish painting styles, or provide us with a color sample that you would like us to match. The famous painters in history where relentless with their use of various paint layers to build a series of translucent textures that, when viewed collectively, create our classic faux finish painting effects. Our statuary painting professionals have decades of experience mixing paints, pigments, and creating a wide assortment of layered textures from antiquing and bronze to marble effects: white marble, black marble, red marble, green and black marble, etc. Now you can have your statuary and architectural sculptures color coordinated, in your home or office, the way you want them to look.
Terra Cotta, Peach Wall Texture, Bronze Railing

Home Cast Statuary Tables Faux Painting Real Marble Custom Metals Trophy Awards Scale Model

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