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Greek Goddess and Egyptian Goddess Busts

Most of our female busts are from the Greek, Roman and Egyptian eras, which make intriguing artworks to help fill your home with a piece of history and mythology.

The Venus bust was based on a sculpture discovered in an underground cavern on the Aegean island of Melos in the 19th Century. Venus was also known as Aphrodite. The Diana bust originally came from Versailles and was sculpted by Leochares at around the 4th century B.C.. Diana, also known as Artemis, was the daughter of Leto and the god Zeus. The Borghese bust is actually a bust of Pauline Bonaparte, the wife of Prince Borghese, and was modeled by Antonio Canova some years after Napoleon's death. The Cleopatra Bust was based on queen Cleopatra VII who ascended the Egyptian throne when she was only seventeen and was known for being a courageous leader and seducer. The Velleda bust is based on a well known sculpture created in France by Belleuse-Carrier, Louis Robert (1848-1913). The Athena (Minerva) bust was based on a Roman goddess who was worshiped as the giver of civilization. Athena is symbolized as the "goddess of war" because she was the guardian of Athens - henceforth the city was named after her.

When you choose from our range of busts, you make it easy to grace your home with a historic gift from the past!

Full Figure Female Statues

Roman and Greek Busts and Torso Sculpture Art
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