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Greek Art: Apollo Bust - White Marble Faux Texture

Apollo is Zeus's son and is the god of light, prophecy, healing, medicine, music, poetry and much more. The pictures below show a faux white marble Apollo bust. Apollo busts are known to crack but with our company we also offer full statue restorations. You will also notice that it is sitting on a nicely decorative column. Bust and column packages are available through our shopping cart. We have a wide variety of Apollo busts located in our marble carvings tab. These marble Apollo busts can be real or faux marble. Custom Apollo busts are available which means you are able to control the style, size and material. Whether you have a small or large project for personal or commercial use we are the statuary company for you. We are located in Southern California but we can ship worldwide. If this is something you are interested in you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.

An Greek Apollo bust reproduction can be painted with our faux finish or carved in real solid marble. Classic faux marble is our most popular faux finish along with faux bronze, gold leaf and many other natural stone and metal colors. Our cast Greek Apollo bust can either be made in hydro stone, plaster, cement or aluminum and made for both indoor our outdoor statuary decor. After the medium is chosen our artists create the mold. Then, our faux finishers will artistically paint the desired faux finish color and veining on the Apollo bust. This can be shown in the pictures in this article. Lastly, our faux finishers will place the desired texture either high gloss, semi gloss or flat to give the desired reflective sheen. The more gloss the faux marble Apollo bust has the more it can imitate real marble. This is because the more sheen a faux marble product has the more reflective sheen it will give off just like real marble. Our most popular faux finish is our classic faux marble which has the look and feel of real solid marble. Our statue reproductions of Greek & Roman columns and busts are very affordable and will also give more appeal to your home or office with beautiful art work!

Next, if you would like a real marble Apollo bust our expert carvers will carve it directly from the stone. There are many benefits purchasing a real marble Apollo bust. Purchasing a carved marble Apollo bust makes you able to control the style, size and color. Since our expert sculptors carve directly from the marble you can switch up the style significantly and customize the bust to make it unique to your design. Also, controlling the size is another great benefit to purchasing a real marble Apollo bust. There are several beautiful natural marbleand stone colors available to choose from.

We suggest that if you purchase a Apollo bust to also purchase a matching Greek column that can be carved in real marble with natural colors or our affordable cast reproductions faux finished to match. Having the Apollo bust elevated on a column pedestal will make a very impressive and elegant display being raised at eye level for everyone to see. If you are not sure on what type or style of column to purchase with your Apollo bust you can call the office to discuss all the options with our professional decorators.

Besides Apollo, we carry an extensive amount statue reproductions of Greek and Roman mythology gods from Zeus to Sabrine. We have famous statues such as "The Rape of Sabrine" and "The Three Graces." If you cannot find the desired statue, statuette or column please contact the office for more information.
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