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Goddess Indoor Garden Statue Figures 

Statuary this grand is not easy to shop for, but with our service and guarantee of your choice from our ten faux finishes, inlcudes gold leaf, at no additional charges to the listed price. Add a goddess statue to any room in the home or office for a unique touch of flare.

At the founding of Rome, the gods and goddesses were 'numina', divine manifestations, faceless, formless, but no less powerful. The idea of gods and goddesses as anthropomorphized beings came later, with the influence from Etruscans and Greeks, which had human form. Some of the Roman Gods are at least as old as the founding of Rome. As the Roman Empire spread to embrace territories outside of Italy, the Romans came into increasing contact with foreign ideas, philosophies, and especially religions. Roman religion became saturated with foreign influences, from the Greek gods and goddesses of Olympus, to the following deities that is all shown in the historical art still available.

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