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A faux finish is a decorative paint that changes the texture and color of a table base, pedestal/column, or statue to resemble marble, stone, or even wood. We specialize in a vast array of different faux finishes, changing a simple white table base into a luxurious piece of art that looks identical to real rare material. Not only statues and pedestals can be faux painting, but the walls of your house or its surrounding furnishings like banisters or columns can be painted into any style you see fit.

This is a great service if you are on a budget, for it is very difficult to tell the difference between a faux finished product and the original. Browse below to view our selection of faux textures and tones. If you need any assistance with choosing the right finish or have any questions, feel free to call our toll free number!

Faux Finish Menu: Marble, Wood, and Metal Effects
White Marble Faux Finish on Classic Roman Statues
Black Marble Texture, Black Statuary with Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf and Marble Accented Sculptural Artworks
Terra Cotta, Peach Wall Texture, Bronze Railing
Faux Metallic Statues - Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold
Custom Faux Wood - Furniture and Cabinet Painting
Old World, or Venetian, Biege Painting Faux Effects

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*Discount is redeemable by telephone and applies only to our faux finished statuary reproductions. Buy a statue and statue base combination and receive an additional 5% Off Discount by calling our Toll Free Number: 1-888-244-4059.

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