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Family Shield Dragons, Custom Double Dragon

Our carvers can make the level of detail anywhere from basic carved artworks all the way to museum quality wood carvings. The higher the level of detail requested the amount of time required by our master carver also increases. This is why we always confirm every project beforehand.

For years now we have created many dragon designs for our customers. With many years of experience this has allowed us to create any custom dragon art work you would like. In this section we offer to our customers a completely customizable double dragon family shield wood carving. Keep in mind we are able to create any wood creation with many different types of materials. If you would like to purchase a custom double dragon family wood shield carving you can call the office or fill out an order form below.

We offer photo scanning and by hand wood carving. Photo scanning is when a computer scans a picture and makes it 3-D. Next, the machine can etch, carve, and sculpt wood blocks. Another type of carving is by hand. Our expert craftsmen take time in creating family shields. Depending on how much you would like to pay we can have our carvings from apprentice to master. The more time our craftsmen take on your project the more unique and detailed it will be.

A custom double dragon family shield wood carving can be crafted normally or you can have it created with more of a masterful craftsman hand. This means that our crafters will take extra time and detail to make your wood carving look extra appealing.

Some different types of wood we offer for our products are mahogany and redwood, which is a harder type of wood. There are different types of mahogany in the world. There are some in colder temperature and some in the tropics. The colder the weather the denser the wood will become. Besides wood we also offer granite, sandstone, limestone, bronze, silver, hydro stone, marble, and many others. Also, we are also able to create a wood imitation. Depending on your taste we can make a simple dragon art statue or an expertly carved wood carving. When ordering a customizable wood carving you can also create it into any size you like.

Other wood carvings we are able to create are fraternity Greek lettering plaques, trademark plaques, animal wood carving plaque and anything you can think of. We have also created wood animal wood carvings, Greek God wood carvings, furniture, and abstract wood carvings. An example of what we have done in the past is a 30 foot dragon, in width, for a mansion home in Malibu beach.

Other types of wood carvings we offer are animals, Gods, and furniture. Besides family shields another product that is similar is logos, signs, and family crests.

This double dragon family shield wood carving is great for decoration. This decoration can be placed in a living room, business, a theater, and even outdoors. If this is a product for your personal use or if you are an interior designer creating a custom dragon shield can be very beneficial to you.

There are many types of dragons that have been known throughout the centuries. A Chinese dragon for example is wingless and a German dragon is winged.
Coat of Arms, Carved Family Crests and Shields

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