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Expertly Painted Bronze Statues with Nike Shoes

We have many types of art work that we have custom made for customers. While looking through our extensive list of artwork this should show you the passion and dedication we have for art. In thisparticular section we offer athletic and animal bronze statuary. If you are interested in purchasing or customizing a painted bronze athletic or animal statue you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information. When creating a custom painted bronze athlete or animal statue you are able to customize the material, color, and design. Whether you have a drawing or image that you would like customized we can help you.

When imitating a material we first need a base. In this example we will use hydrostone. Hydrostone is used for the mold and then our artists come in and imitate the desired. We just dont do this for bronze. We can also imitate marble and other precious metals.

Marble, wood, bronze, copper, aluminum, fiber glass, silver, hydro stone, plaster, cement and gold are just some of the materials that we are able to incorporate in an athlete or animal statue. The different types of wood we offer are mahogany and redwood. The different kinds of colors of marble we offer are red marble, black marble, white marble, green marble, orange marble, and beige marble. Depending on the substance you would like to use, creating a painted athlete or animal is made differently.

If you would like a marble or wood athlete or animal statue it would be hand carved. For wood, we have our products shipped overseas. Indonesia is known for their excellent craftsmanship of wood. Depending where the marble is available our carvers come from all around the world. Having an athlete or animal carved by hand also makes you able to control the quality. The more time our crafters spend on the desired artwork the more detailed it will be.

With other materials we first make a mold. When purchasing an already existing bronze statue we have the mold already made. But, if you would like a custom piece of art made a mold has to be made. If you have a picture we can scan it, and with today’s technology, have acomputer scan it, to make it 3 dimensional. After the mold is made we then place the desired medium. Creating plated statues is also an option. When creating a plated statue you first fill in the statue with a metal and on the outside plate it with another, such as gold.

As you can see, our company can make any dream into a reality when it comes to artwork. Again, if you are interested in purchasing a painted bronze athlete or animal statue you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.
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