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Custom Bronze Water Fountain Masterpiece Statues

Our company specializes in creating custom sculptures, furniture, architectural design, and many more. There are many elements that go with creating custom art work. When purchasing custom art you will be able to control the style, material, color, and size. If the products we offer are not suitable for your taste you can create it customized. If this is something you are interested in you can call the office or fill out an order form below for more information.

We offer many different styles to a fountain. We can create multi-tier fountains, the base of a fountain, spouts that shoot up, engravings, and statuary. We offer multiple tier fountains that canbe up to 5 levels. The base of the fountain can be many shapes. In the past, we have done flower shaped fountains, oval shaped fountains, rectangular shaped fountains and many more. In larger fountains we have created pressurized spouts that shoot up towards the middle and outwards of a fountain. This can give an exquisite look to any home or business. Some engravings that we are able to create on a water fountain are men, women, children, animals, plaques, flowers, gods, abstract art, goddesses and much more. This list is also in use for our statuary that can be placed in a garden.

We offer many materials for a water fountain. When creating a water fountain the base is usually cement or another hard stone. Materials that we are able to incorporate within a fountain are marble, cement, and fiberglass, limestone, bronze, silver, gold, copper, and wood. When creating a statue inside a water fountain we first make a mold. After the mold is created we can then fill it with a medium; such as bronze, silver, or copper. For marble, we hand carve it from the stone itself. This makes marble more artistic and unique.

For the less fortunate, we also offer materials that can imitate a medium or marble. For a medium, we are able to make plated products. Plated products are when a sculpture, or statue, is molded with a lesser metal such as nickel and then is plated with a more expensive metal, such as gold. With marble we offer a faux marble. When artistically creating a faux marble statue we use hydro stone or cement. After it is created we have an artist to paint it any color of marble. Lastly, our artists shoot the sculpture with a gloss that gives a nice artistic finish. Marble and faux marble products are completely identical.

We offer many colors for some materials. We are able to paint over cement and hydro stone. The marble paint that we offer are red marble, green marble, white marble, orange marble, brown marble, and many others. Mediums should be left alone because precious metals are now becoming more expensive and rare.

Creating custom water fountain statues are great for Feng Shui artists and architects. Our company specializes in customizing any sculpture or design. This can make it very easy for personal use as well.

Again, if you are interested in customizing or purchasing a water fountain you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.
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