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Corinthian Column Faux Finished with Blue Marble

We offer an extensive list of interior and exterior columns, pedestals and bases made in a variety of different art mediums and materials either cast in hydro-stone, plaster, cement, aluminum, fiberglass, carved in solid marble, or made in other metals including bronze and steel. All of our cast reproduction grade columns can be completed with a custom faux finished look, in this case blue marble, that emulates real marble, natural stone, or any other colors you prefer to match your interior or exterior decor. We can also have our talented stone carvers custom carve columns in beautiful natural marble, granite, and any other stone that is workable. Our selection of customizable columns (in terms of height adjustments we can make for you) can be carved in any size, dimension, and style you desire along with any other marble statuary pieces that you would like to have made with a matching set of colors.

Decorative columns are typically used to improve visibility of art pieces by elevating statues, classic busts, plants in pots as well as urns, and even table tops (usually made with custom cut glass) for dining, or used as an office desk. Our columns are made to order for both architectural and for purely decorative, or decoration, purposes as well. Look through our extensive list of classical columns, select your favorite column quickly, and we will create a completely customized column to your exact project specifications - with the help of our art department, of course. The process of creating acustom column enables you to control the height of your column and its overall size, color, and texture in terms of the final accent faux finish look... and the art style of the sculptor, if you so choose. Whether you have a small (or large) project we are one of the few and only art production companies that makes getting a custom sculpture made [the way you want it] almost effortless on your part! We are happy to assist business people and home owners alike to assist in giving you options for selecting the right statuary decoration pieces and architectural statues and marble columns that would be a perfect fit for your particular situation.

We create architectural and decorative accent columns to match virtually any home color theme, even blue marble, or to create a unique business atmosphere using decoration columns alone, or in conjunction with other accent statues. We understand that architectural columns need to be very precise and exacting in their height requirements - so that they fit perfectly the first time! Whether you need a dining table column, or a structural support for your home, or business, it can be made of solid marble, or cement casting with metal rebar for structural support. The precise measurements of the column installation space will be necessary for your project to turn out exactly as you expect. Feel free to call our toll-free office line to discuss your custom sculpted columns. If you have any other statue project questions "on your plate" call to talk with one of our art coordinators before you place your order so that we can best help you.

The pictures on this page are a great example of an interior faux painted blue marble Corinthian column with a coordinated Corinthian capital. There are many types of caps, aka classic capitals, and center shafts that can be selected for your custom marble finished reproduction column, or columns. Corinthian capitals are the most popular style when you compare them with the other standard column types. Corinthian caps were [and still are for that matter] a sign of prestige, and they have been used to decorate many of the historical Greek and Roman ancient sites, and likewise to elaborate architectural Wonders of the World. Two of the primary types of column shafts are the smooth or fluted variety, whether the column is round or square (which is known as a pedestal).

Faux finishing services are also available to accent the color of your columns, in this case marine blue marble is what our client wanted. Additional unique and proprietary marble paint effects is what made possible the blue marble finish completed by our staff of professional painters. Our professional faux painters enable you to add numerous stylistic paint effects onto your columns (for example: gold leaf accents). With the custom painting services we offer you are able to combine different colors, like gold leaf and white marble (or black marble) on your columns. When it comes to columns in particular, a different finish is typically used on the cap [column capital, or top] and in a separate area on the base of column - like a ring at the column base. Matching different colors together can be great to give your home, school, or business the desired distinguished feeling you’ve always wanted. Gold leafing along the rings on the top and bottom of a column is just one example of the type of accent effects we create on a daily basis.

Our expert faux finish artists hand paint every column to your exact color and texture specifications. Lastly, our faux finishers will paint the statuary art piece of your choice using a range of final textures including: flat, semi-gloss, or full-gloss depending on the exact reflective sheen that you are looking for. Semi-gloss is often the best choice when you want the faux marble column to more closely replicate the look of real marble. Whereas a high-gloss reflective sheen is used to add a more tremendous glare effect for any faux painted art work that you want to really truly shine.

Being able to customize your column, or columns as it were (whether they are painted to look like marble or a bronze) is what makes our customer’s dreams cometrue when ordering column statuary items or other architectural enhancement accent pieces, like Roman and Greek columns for example. Whether you have a drawing, a rough sketch, or a picture with examples of your desired sculpted work of art on it, we can have your artwork sculpted and made in almost any standard material, at nearly any size or scale, and finished with any faux, or authentic, color or real marble material that you want for your custom art project to be a success.

We manufacture faux marble columns, as well as real marble columns - on demand. The difference is that faux marble is made to replicate the look of real marble, while our actual real marble statue items are carved by our expert stone workers according to your wishes. Additionally, all of our actual carved stone artworks are originally sourced from a marble quarry and then carved straight out of natural real marble stone by our team of talented marble sculptors. Real marble carvings custom made into a column, for example, will give you many of the customizable features that only royalty could get heir hands on until modern times. Many of our previous customers can appreciate having the artistic control, especially since marble columns will last for centuries, if not millennia. For example: when our expert carvers create a custom marble column you may choose the size, decoration style, and color yourself! Also, a marble carving will give you that unique, one-of-kind, feeling that only a marble column can generate going back for thousands of years.

However instead of expensive real marble we can paint faux marble, or any of our other unique faux finish colors, to be added on top of any casting produced in hydrostone as a series of coatings. We can also cast your statue piece in cement, fiberglass, or any other material that you may require for your final artwork. If getting a custom column made to your specs is something you need done free to call our office, toll free United States phone number, or simply fill out a custom request form to learn more about our unique range of art services. We service the local So Cal area, aka Southern California, as well as worldwide.

We are located in Southern California, Northern Los Angeles to be more specific, and we provide our clients locally, Nationally, and Internationally with statuary creations, faux painting services, whiteware sales [whiteware is a trade term for unpainted plaster castings], and repair services for previously painted statues as well as for carved marble artworks, and marble columns. Our staff is available to fly anywhere in the world and provide you with museum level sculpture repair, and general art repair for that matter. We will send specialists to your location whether you are located in the United States or in Europe or other country across the world - upon request.
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