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Collectible Classical Sculptures: Delphi, Discus

Classical Greek statues are highly collectible and will make any home or business look immaculate. We have a wide variety of classical Greek statues and many more categories. Some famous Greek statues are the Delphi, Narcissus, Discus and the rape of Sabine. These marble Greek statues and busts can be either faux finished in our classic faux marble, with recommended semi-gloss texture, or carved in real natural marble. A popular faux finish is classic faux which has more pronounced veining. Classic faux marble is also called grey white. If you prefer more subtle veining you can request. In these pictures we have samples of our classic faux marble finish discus, faux marble rape of Sabine and many more. When you first look at these pictures you might assume that they are marble but our expert faux finishers take a great amount of time to create a faux finish marble to make identical to real marble. Any of our cast reproduction statuary can be custom faux finished in any natural, or colored, combination you desire. If you would like custom statuary you can provide a sketch or picture. If you would like to place an order or have any questions you can call the office for more information.

The process of creating a classic marble faux statue is extraordinary. We possess a large quantity of reproduction statuary you can choose from. These statues you see here are thefaux marble Delphi statue, faux marble Sabine and Zeus statue and a faux marble discus. These are just some examples of classic reproduction statuary we carry. After choosing your statue we create a mold on the medium of your choice. The materials that you are able to choose from are cement, hydro stone, plastic or heavy precious metals. A cement medium is great for using outdoors because it's durable and hydro stone is great for its lightweight material. Next, we would have our faux marble artists to paint and place a texture. There are a few choices for the faux finishing texture; classical, flat, semi-gloss and full gloss. These textures depend on the type of reflective sheen you desire. There is a tremendous difference in creating a carved real marble classic statue.

Having a classic marble statue will give a much different aura than other art pieces made of different material. Our expert marble carvers take great care in creating a classic Discus marble statue, for example. After choosing the statue you like you are able to control the size and style of the statue, customized to your specification. Since our talented artists carve from solid natural marble we can make it any size, style and color you like. This is great for home decorators or art lovers looking for collectable one of a kind art work. Changing the position of the hand of a Greek woman statue can give you the utmost one of a kind classic marble sculpture.

Please contact our office to discuss your project or order one of our marble statue reproductions with a custom faux finish made to your specifications.
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