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Carved Fraternity Plaque Artwork Wood Hanging Art

Would you like to create a custom wood carving for your fraternity or sorority? We are a leading company for creating masterful sculptures from marble, wood, bronze, and many other materials. We can help assist any type of fraternity or sorority. When if you would like to purchase a fraternity or sorority plaque you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.

We offer two types of methods to creating your fraternity and sorority plaques. The first is 3D imaging. A computer scans the image or uploads the image and creates a 3D scale. Then it is carved using special etching machines. This is why are able to customize anything on your fraternity / sorority plaque. The next way to have a wood carving of a plaque by it being hand made. We have different types of qualities you can choose from. They go into 3 stages. Apprentice, normal, and master. The more time our people in Indonesia take on your fraternity or sorority plaque the higher the quality and detail.

A fraternity, which means brother in Latin, has been practicing activities for centuries to benefit one another. Fraternities are usually organizations and even a secret society sometimes. Fraternities use insignias to represent their brotherhood. Fraternities usually have an admissions test and can also be designed for a certain purpose. Fraternities have certain rules for the benefit of everyone in the brotherhood. Some brotherhoods are created for race, gender, and even crime.

There are certain levels of carvings that we can create. You can have a fraternity or sorority plaque normally carved or we can have it master carved by our carvers. This means they will take their time and precision to make it look extra detailed.

Comparatively, a sisterhood is a group of women, usually an organization or a secret society, practicing activities and other practices for each other’s benefits.

Wood carvings that are similar to fraternity plaques are company logos and signs. Other types of wood carvings we have created are animals, Gods, furniture, abstract art, and many others. The sizes of the wood carvings we have created are from figurines to full blown statues.

Different types of wood that we offer are mahogany and redwood. Redwood is a harder wood. Mahogany is grown all over the world. The more coldly the area the more dense it becomes. Besides creating fraternity plaques in wood we also have marble, granite, bronze, silver, gold, and hydro stone. We can also create imitations of wood.

Purchasing a fraternity or sorority plaque is beneficial for the brotherhood, sisterhood, and even personal use. You can place these fraternity or sorority plaques in a frat or sorority home or even your own personal home for remembrance.
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