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Busts with Helmets: Ares, Athena, Trojan, Mercury

We have an extensive amount of reproduction Greek and Roman mythology marble sculptures. Shown here are Hermes, Athena, Mercury and the War God. This is just some of many Greek mythology busts. Besides busts we also offer many different classical Greek and Roman statuary gods as full size statues and elaborate fountains made in many sizes andcolors. Also, these busts are placed on a wonderful matching column. We suggest that if you purchase a War god, Hermes, Athena or Mercury bust to also purchase a matching Greek column that can be carved in real marble with natural colors or our affordable cast reproductions faux finished to match. Having the sculpture bust elevated on a column pedestal will make a very impressive and elegant display being raised at eye level for everyone to see. All our reproduction statuary ismade from hydro stone and finished in a faux finish of your choice. Our most popular finish is the classical faux marble with our designers and interior decorators. Solid carved marble is available as there are many benefits and value in purchasing real marble.

Hydro stone cast Hermes bust, or any of these pictures, is beautifully made to look like real marble in a series of steps. Our customer would first pick a medium such as hydro stone, cement and aluminum depending on if it is to be placed indoors or outside and weight restrictions. Next, the War God bust, or the other statuary pieces in the pictures, will be painted by our expert faux finish artists. Our artists take great care in adding every detail and veining to make each piece look like real marble, stone, bronze and other natural colors. Lastly, our finishers will add a texture of either flat, semi-gloss or high-gloss. We recommend the semi-gloss faux finish because the reflective sheen has the most realistic look of real marble. The War God bust is a great example of a well-designed and finished classical Greek God Bust.

An Athena bust, and these other statuary products, can be carved into natural solid marble. Natural marble is a beautiful stone that is great for classical art pieces. When you order a marble war god bust, for example, our artists carve it diligently to perfection. Since our expert marble classical bust artists carve directly from the stone you can control the style, size custom features and engraving. For areproductionstatuary there are only specific sizes you can choose from, but on a real marble classical Greek and Roman sculpture you can create it to any size and dimensions you like. Whether you like a life size bust or a smaller size marble bust we can create it the way you envision the piece should be. Being able to change the style and customize the sculpture has to our customers specifications makes the bust a one of a kind treasured art piece. Now, you can purchase a real marble Athena sculpture and have her hands positioned in a different way and a custom face. If you have a custom statuary project you would like to have made we can create it from a sketch or picture of your desired bust. Please Contact our office or fill out an order form for more information to see how we can meet all of your custom statuary and faux finishing services created to fit your design, color and ideas.
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