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Styled to resemble centuries-old castle dragons, this dragon chair is a worthy decoration for the chamber of any king. Our beautiful dragon foyer stand is also a huge gift for your friends and family. The customized and traditional medieval dragon chair model dares an exceptionally and unfathomably detailed carved Celtic knot work on the back of the chair. In addition, the arm rests end with dragon heads painted in verdigris bronze with the striking work of our talented faux finisher. Our artists also stylized a dragon plaque to compliment the chair, along with a Viking skull and crossed swords in a nautical theme riveted circle. Our sculptors can customize any artwork to your taste or create one from scratch with the help of our art department. The cushioned seat is stylishly upholstered in a dark shade of black with leather fabric upholstery. Make use of the inspired European style chair to provide a lasting impression at head of your dining table with a unique dragon design to impress any house guest. Present a bold declaration in your home with this distinctive most recent work of dragon art in various forms: as a stunning chair, an over the doorway plaque to hang on your wall, and an etched top muscular dragon foyer table sculpture. Choose the right positioning in your dining room, living room, or your home office, for an elaborate and well-designed furnished dragon art furniture fine collection painted with matching verdigris bronze color faux finish that has invoked great interest with interior decorators. Cast in polyresin and fiberglass, depending which dragon table, they make excellent artworks with our exclusive dragon artistic features at the head of each arm rest, including a black leather seat and leather upholstered back rest held in place by decorative rivets. The craftsmanship of our artists and sculptors has enchanted us with the coolest dragon chair with engraved designs for a spectacular sight to behold at every viewing angle. Our techniques of faux shading and faux coloring have proven themselves time and again making our artworks nothing short of remarkable.

A magical, fire-breathing beast is below this enraged verdigris bronze dragon tabletop leaping away through time to the world of dragon mythology. This fine looking mini-sculpted dragon table design stands as a beautifully designed pedestal dragon statue with very muscular proportions. Standing over three feet tall, the top of the dragon foyer table measures two feet by one foot in depth, the scaled dragon sculpture holds up a platform table top high like a dragon version of the classical atlas holding the world statue. Great for placing in your home as additional dragon decor pieces, these faux bronze metal colored statues, foyer table included, features ferocious dragon elements that have undeniable artistic appeal that lasts. We can customize any furnishings in any almost any way you may require to fit into your interior setting. Please send any requests or inquiries to our art department for customizing any dragon furniture piece or dragon artwork.

A throne fit for a king and his medieval soldiers, our king sized dragon chair and "over the door" dragon plaque, plus a foyer table, has been prepared by our sculptors and statue casting professionals in a bronze verdigris finish to be placed in any room, and on any wall - especially above a door in your castle or home interior. The intricate pirate, medieval, and detailed Viking skull wall shield illustrates a human cranium of genuine terror with its seemingly malevolent skeletal expression. Attached to the bolted circular plaque are swords sculpted and crossed reflecting the precise, but definitely small addition of powerful weaponry used by ancient, yet brutal, nautical warriors. This cool skull head wall art embedded on a shield with crossed swords creates a chilling atmosphere as a decor piece for people who like peculiar objects. Crafted with verdigris color for added effect, it is shaded with a bronze finish to give it an old metal feel. Each art piece can be custom finished in any color, with or without metal effects, and can be yours if you contact us today.
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