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Our sculptures of David and the Arch Angel are created with the highest artistic standards and sculpting techniques, the antique bronze painted statues in the photos reproduction artworks available in almost any color imaginable. Arch Angels have led countless angels, as the chief angel, and are often given prestigious titles from those who transgress the heavens. Grandiose immortals that encompass celestial powers, and at the service of mankind and earth, Arch Angels work vigorously to conquer malevolence and encourage divinity. The Arch Angel Michael is revered within the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, and even appreciated by non-religious people as well. Our bronze painted statue of the Arch Angel has many fine hand-painted accents, showing exquisite attention to the finer details. Audacious and heroic, the Arch Angel stands rebellious with outstretched wings, sword in hand swinging the final blow to the devil at his feet that will soon be slain in one final stroke. The statue is custom painted to order by our staff of faux finish painters and can be customized for you in other ways also. We are sure you will be delighted with our bronze patina finishing on this work of art.

Prestigiously renowned worldwide, the David statue, sculpted by Michelangelo, was modeled after King David, slayer of the giant Goliath in the biblical David and Goliath story. In 1501, Michelangelo was commissioned to create the David by the Arte Della Lana who, at that time, was accountable for the maintenance and beautification of the Cathedral in Florence. For this reason, he was given a large mass of marble to commence the statue. Michelangelo broke away from the traditional methods of portraying King David. Michelangelo does not present us with a victor with the giant's head at his feet and sword in hand, but instead portrays him as a youth in the moment immediately preceding the battle right before deciding to engage Goliath. Michelangelo’s legendary sculpting work encompasses the beauty of human physicality in its prime enhanced by the light and shadow of the body; As a torso study, the David bronze brings focus and attention to the exquisite lines and shape of the ideal male form. Completed around 1504, the original and authentic David statue current resides in the Accademia Gallery Florence, Italy.

The right hand surface of the David sculpture is even and tranquil while the left side, from the bent knee all the way up to the bent arm holding a sling over the shoulder, to the disheveled hair, gives the sculpture piece an explicitly energetic and vibrant quality. The sling slung casually over his left shoulder is habitually hidden, and merely hinted at by Michelangelo, highlighting the message that David's triumph was through intelligence and not just pure strength. David's toned muscular body and pure masculinity demonstrate strength of body and mind. Replicating the original David in scale, our tallest reproduction David stands over six feet tall, but with our staff of sculptors we can make a David statue of virtually any size. The King David statue is painted with dark shade of bronze metal color highlighting with an incredible level of artistic detail.
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