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Faux Marble Classics - Statuary Reproductions

Client Testimonial #1: "What a splendid pedestal! It complements the Wells Fargo History Museum's Panama-Pacific International Exhibition centennial exhibit very well. Overall, you've produced a fine piece. You will remain in my Rolodex for future reference." - John Kiebel

Faux Marble Classics Reproductions
Marble Classics is your premier source for home, garden, and commercial decor with our extensive collection of historical statue replicas. We offer a selection from over 100 different Greek and Roman statuary pieces and approximately 400 different table bases, pedestals, and columns. made in any of our 30+ custom faux finishes. We also offers over 4,500 different real marble and granite items in more than 85+ varieties of marble and granite.

Custom Finishes and Statue Material Choices

Each faux finished statuary item comes included with your choice from any one of our thirty plus beautiful faux finishes. All of our statuary can be cast in lightweight durable hydrostone, resin material (or fiberglass upon request). If it is outdoor, monumental or garden statues you are looking for, we offer them in cast cement, custom carved marble statues or even cast collectable bronze statues!

Search: 500+ Table Bases and Classical Art
Use this site search to access classical art from our ancient greek and roman selection of about 100+, and 400+ columns and pedestal bases that can be used to make a table of coffee table height, end table size, or dining table level, and desk height bases legs for virtually any table height. If you don't find the size you are looking for, we can custom cut down any columns to your custom height requirements.

Extensive Search: 12,000+ General Statuary Items
Search our larger archive with an incredible collection of over 12,000 sculptures and stone carvings to choose from. Speak to one of our sculpture experts for assistance in locating those hard to find statues, or fill out an Extended Search Request Form.

Custom Order Wood Carvings and Sculptures!
We specialize in creating one of a kind pieces of art that range from wood carved dragons, marble/hydrostone statues, family crests, garden statues, miniature scale model buildings, miscellaneous movie/statuary props, metal artwork and even custom trophy awards! Our repertoire is unmatched, for we have a group of diverse artisans that specialize in all fields; metal, stone, and wood. If you already own a statue or table base of any shape/size/medium, we also offer repair services to make it look completely brand new!

Custom Statue Request Quote Form
Fill out a form so that we can have an archivist source a sculpture for you and help to either locate, sculpt, carve, or fabricate any sculptures that you have been looking for - but haven't been able to find yet. Feel free to call and speak to one of our sculpture experts to answer any questions you may have regarding your unique custom art installation project, or use our extended sculpture quote form.

Client Testimonial #2: "Hello, we got the statue, and the finish is awesome. My wife really loved it and it matched our interior colors perfectly! Great job and service!" - Michael Weishaar

Make your Dream Statue a Reality

Whatever you imagine can be made on any medium and size, including life size statues, portrait busts and any object or project either carved on marble, stone, wood or sculpted in clay and then cast in hydrostone, cement, fiberglass, durable resin, bronze, steel or any medium material you need. Once your final piece is finished, it can be made as a exclusive one off piece or with a reproduction mold for multiple cast reproductions. This way, your statue can be remade for resale products or projects such as annual special events!

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Some of Our Most Popular Items
If you are looking for unique statuary for your home decor, we have a vast gallery of beautiful cast reproductions available with your choice of a custom faux finish. We have a current list of our most popular products and best sellers including dining tables, coffee tables, bases, pedestals, columns, and life size classic statues. These items that you see to the right of the page are our current most popular choices!

Client Testimonial #3: "I am very pleased with the results of the workmanship and beautiful faux marble finish." - Kathy

Shown above to the right, this lavish Corinthian Capital is perfect for holding statues at ground level, complimenting and elevating the piece for easier viewing. This piece can also be used as a table base with a large round or square glass top! Below and to the right we show a gorgeous Acanthus Triple Coffee Table Base, which flaunts the traditional Greco-Roman scroll features coupled with a wide base making it perfect for glass, stone, or even wooden table tops! If you have the room for a very long dining room table (over 70 inches), it would take two of these acanthus table bases to support the table top optimally, seating up to 8-10 people.

Faux Finish Included with Every Reproduction
The inspiration for our special faux process evolved from the beauty and the mythological history of ancient Greece and Rome. Noted artist and sculptor Dave Damon has spent years researching and developing the techniques required to create a faux marble finish that's almost impossible to discern from costly real marble. Express yourself and capture the extraordinary beauty and detail of the classical era of greek civilization in your home or office with our stunning statuary museum reproductions.

Client Testimonial #4: "Just a short note to let you know the bust of Caesar arrived in fine shape on Saturday past. I'm very happy with the customer service and the amazing job with the faux finish to look like real marble!" - Marc Riedel, Ph.D.

Life-Sized Statues:
  David Statue
  David Head
  Forbidden Love
  Lady of the Rose
  Venus De Milo
  Bathing Beauty
  Half Draped Nude
  Bagnante Allerga
  Elena Peasant Girl
  Winged Victory

We Can Create Any Full Life-Sized Statue for You
If you're looking for large life-sized statues, you've found the right place. We have a large selection of affordable and impressive cast reproductions from the Classical Greek and Roman eras to the modern day. If you wish to have a striking monumental look in your home, office or public facility, we recommend elevating your life-size statue in a pedestal base to personify your vision with this stunning statuary display! If you have the budget and would prefer real carved marble, we can have our expert carvers create a life-sized statue made to your exact specifications! To add, we can take any known piece from a picture you provide and create a unique statue made to your your own vision.

We also provide graveside life-size carved marble and granite memorial statuary such as the famous Weeping Angel. These can be made to order with the specific face of a loved one capturing their essence, while including an engraving carved into the base to commemorate any important message you wish to honor the loved one with.

If you or your organization is looking to have a commissioned life-size bronze statue made to memorialize a historical event or the life of an influential person such as a American politician, war hero, outstanding athlete or community leader, we can immortalize them in a portrait monumental statue! Our artisan crafters sculpt and cast the piece in bronze, including the installation of the statue at your location! Many of our already commissioned monumental statues are exhibited outdoors or in public buildings/private estates. Whatever you envision can come to life here at Marble Classics!

Prized Possessions to Decorate Your Home
A statue will last as long as it is standing, both as a physical piece and as a memory. People will often buy a statue or figurine that reflects their personal interests or lifestyle. It is also very special and impressive to give a gift of classical statuary to someone because it is something that they will keep and cherish for a long time and is likely to remain a prized possession for a lifetime. Our collection of fine statues and miscellaneous artifacts will dramatically enhance any home or office setting with their decorative presence!

Client Testimonial #5: "The statues have arrived! Your company does great work and the statues arrived in perfect condition. I am a satisfied customer!" - Nick

Our Company History and Values
We are located in Los Angeles, California, and after 15 years we have found the best marble carvers, sculptors, and wood workers and model craftsman from around the globe! We pride ourselves on attention to detail and customer satisfaction! Our customers are from all parts of the globe so we can provide our amazing statuary and custom work where ever you live!

Speak with a Statue Sourcing Expert
Our experienced staff has become very efficient in managing the creation, acquisition, and distribution of these quality works of art. Art has its own process, timing, and internal (as well as outside/external) influences which must be respected to produce the best possible artistic masterpiece. Working with artists on a daily basis and creating one of a kind statuary for our customers is our specialty! Our awareness of detail extends throughout our company, especially in the areas of workmanship, shipping and customer service.

Toll free number: 1-888-244-4059 | Office: 1-818-883-4059


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